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Look no further, PwnEmail is here.

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on someone? Maybe they scammed you, maybe they lied to you or cheated on you, or are they just a flat out a**hole to you? Today is the day you can get revenge on them. No more texts from your ex girlfriends... because her phone will be frozen from all the texts you can send her!

So what exactly is PwnEmail?

PwnEmail is a lightweight tool designed to let you easily send emails and text messages through one simple app. But not any old messages... a message from anyone you choose! That's right, send an email to their parent from their school about their 42 unexcused absenses, then watch and laugh! Along with spoofing comes the power to bomb - blow up their phone with thousands of messages within a short amount of time.

Our Services

Email Spoofing

Send an email from anyone you choose. Confuse your friends when they get can email from

SMS Spoofing

Your victim's cell phone is on our radar. The possibilities are endless.

Random Bombing

Flood their inbox or cell phone with messages - from a different person every time, making you unstopable.

Mass Mailing

Spoof to not one, not two... but a whole list of victims. Email marketing has never been so easy.

Better than other bombers/spoofers

None of the other bombers on the market offer you the ability to bomb AND spoof. Most of them require you to sign in to your email such as Gmail or Yahoo. With PwnEmail, you simply log in to the app, and get to work. No need for your own email address.


Here's an example of what the random bombing feature looks like on an iPhone

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Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me via email at or add me on Skype: jkc10000